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Sally Lemaire and the one armed photographer

Sally Lemaire came to Pivot with a large collection of 35mm slides shot by her uncle, Edmund Allison.  Edmund, a self taught and talented amateur photographer, spent the later part of his life photographing in and around the Pioneer Valley and extended New England area. He photographed a variety of rural scenes including barns and landscapes, as well as the plants, fungi, and the animals that inhabited these landscapes.  He had a sharp eye for color and composition. Sally later informed us that her uncle did all of this with the use of just one arm.

Her goal was to create a digital archive of his work and then apply for a grant to have a show.  Ultimately, she hoped that a local archive or library would add the digital files to their collection – preserving his vision for future generations.

Sadly, Sally passed away before she was able to realize her dream and so, as a final farewell to a truly wonderful woman, we would like to share some of his work here.

For our part, we scanned each slide, cleaned and color corrected the digital files to match the original film, and saved the files to DVD.  We also organized the original film in sleeves and embedded information from each slide carousel into the metadata of the each digital file.

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