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Photography Services

Jim Gipe is a photographer and digital imaging consultant with 30 years of experience in the field.  Jim founded Pivot Media, a specialized imaging company, in 1999 in response to the changing photography landscape brought on by the digital revolution.  Since its founding, Pivot Media has scanned and/or digitized tens of thousands of photographs, artworks, and documents for individuals, artists, photographers and institutions.  As a photographer Jim Gipe provides a host of photography services geared to the needs of his regional business, institutional, and individual clients.  This includes photography in the studio and on location.  Photographing people—that’s what he does best, you can see it in the faces of his subjects.  Location, when it’s the background, complements the image.  When the location is the subject, he lets line, color, and contrast guide him.  In the studio, lighting is everything.  We have a state-of-art digital photography studio and love to put his lighting skills to good use.

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