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New Sculptures by Carl Bridge

Carl Bridge is a man of many talents. This local sculptor, painter, and teacher continues to educate, impress, and inspire us with every visit to the studio. Recently, Carl brought in a series of sculptures to be photographed. Intrigued by their weather-worn textures and natural, tribal forms, we had to know more. About his sculptures, Carl told us:

“I started making these as a way of showing what could be created with simple materials with a little care and patience… These have all been made with a commonly available paper clay product called “Cellu-clay”. I started using it in some of my classes as it is non toxic, affordable and made from recycled materials. Most of these have been built up on armature created from scrap materials.”

The history of these recycled materials is evident in the seemingly ancient surfaces of the work. Carl then went on to describe his personal history and connection to the materials he chose to use.

“The bases have all come from wood left by my great uncle; Clark Fitz-Gerald, a sculptor who lived and worked in Castine, Maine. Our father learned much from apprenticing with Clark and that influence has been passed down to us. Within the wealth of lumber retrieved were some partially started works and small carvings- some of those have been worked into armatures. It is both intimidating and exhilarating to be working with materials with such history.”

See more work by Carl Bridge, and his brother Martin Bridge, at

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