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Williams College Museum of Art

Our relationship with the Williams College Museum of Art began in 2005 when we photographed artwork for the “Encounter Art” project. It was an extremely successful venture that produced a book and a set of images that are still an integral part of the museum’s digital archive and communications campaigns. In 2009 we began systematically digitizing the museum’s permanent collection, starting with the ancient and African objects. With each object we photographed we considered the curator and scholars’ perspective. To our amazement, it was kindergartners who first started using our photographs. It was truly a surprise and a delight to see our images rapidly incorporated into an educational program.The Ancient Object project drew to a close in June of 2011 and, after a one-month break, we started digitizing the Prendergast collection.  To date we have photographed roughly 3,500 objects, adding nearly 7,000 digital files to the e-museum server.

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