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The Difficulties Of Nonsense

The Difficulties of Nonsense

“Fabricated Photographs” is the term Robert Cumming uses to describe his work, which is featured in the upcoming book Robert Cumming: The Difficulties of Nonsense / published by the Aperture Foundation. The images in the book represent the whole of Robert’s “Fabricated Photography” work between the years 1968 and 1982. These images have only been shown together one other time during an exhibit in Limoges, France in 1994. Prior to that, they were, as Robert puts it, “…in hundreds of catalogs, magazines, exhibitions, and art publications throughout Europe and Asia. They were everywhere.”

I used our camera scanning workflow to digitize Robert’s photographs and scan his 35mm slides and 8×10 negatives. We cropped and processed the files for publication and then I later met one-on-one with the artist to finalize the files.

The project was delivered electronically to the publishing company in New York along with a limited edition 17×22 inch print set of Robert’s Watermelon image. Robert is pictured here signing the edition at Pivot just prior to shipping the edition.

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