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Scanning / Direct Digital Capture

prendergast_with chartOur primary goal when scanning your film or digitally photographing your artwork, maps, prints or documents, is to create a high-resolution master file that is an accurate digital representation of the original and that can be re-purposed for your various web, print, and archiving needs. We emphasize the importance of creating a digital file that not only serves your current needs but also anticipates future possibilities.

We maintain a closed loop color calibrated workflow in which our scanner, cameras, computer monitors, and printers are calibrated using internationally recognized color standards. This ensures color and tonal fidelity throughout the entire digital imaging process.

For clients who plan on making fine art reproductions, we offer a fifteen-minute one-on-one consultation during which we finalize the digital file with you while viewing it on our color-calibrated monitors. Your approved, print ready, master file is then saved to CD or DVD and is accompanied by a color proof.

As with everything we do, customer service is our top priority. We provide careful handling and storage of film and artworks in our possession. For fragile works, we invite our clients to join us in the studio so that they can handle the objects themselves. We have both easel and copy stand set-ups available, as well as a sweep table for three-dimensional objects.

We recognize that every project is different and welcome the opportunity to provide a written estimate for you to consider.

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