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Capturing the Life’s Work of Jane Lund

Jane Lund’s artwork ranges from surreal to super real. Her pastel work, some of which is photo realistic, will stop you in your tracks, make you look twice, and leave you spell bound.

If it’s not already obvious, we are big fans of Jane’s art. That’s why we were so excited when she approached us to help her scan and digitize her extensive collection of photographs of her artwork.

For this project, we used our camera scanning workflow to digitize her 35mm slides and 4×5 and 8×10 transparencies. We also helped her organize and manage her growing catalog of digital files, most of which were saved on various media such as CDs and DVDs. When all was said and done, Jane left our shop with a well-organized drive filled with high-resolution digital files of her artwork spanning her entire career. These images were later used in the 2018 monograph, “Jane Lund,” designed by Impress (Northampton, MA) and published by Studley Press (Dalton, MA)

For more about Jane Lund and her work, see Jane Lund on 50 Women Exhibit at A.P.E. Gallery/Take Magazine, About Jane Lund/Forum Gallery, or Jane Lund Biography/Artnet

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