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The Mead Art Museum / College Archives – Amherst College

The Mead Art Museum / College Archives – Amherst College

mead crew at the chapel

We began digitizing artwork for the MEAD Art Museum in 1999 and, over the years, have digitally photographed extensive portions of their collection.  In 2008, Jim Gipe of Pivot Media and photographer Stephen Petegorsky combined forces with museum staff to embark on a 65-day project to photograph all 987 paintings from the museum’s permanent collection.  Each painting was unframed, photographed, re-framed and returned to storage with an accompanying condition report.  The images we have created for the MEAD have been published in several art books and show catalogs, as well as being an integral part of their web and collection management databases. Amherst College Archives and Special Collections has used our services to digitally record a variety of documents, maps, prints, and 3D objects that they make available for interested parties and alumni.  Our most recent project had us shooting college memorabilia dating back to the founding of the college.  The images were used in The 1821 Society Journal, a limited-edition publication given to the College’s most generous donors.

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